Friday, 30 November 2012

Number Lines

Toy Making

On  Tuesday the 27 of November after morning tea room fourteen kids had to make toys using, balloons, straws, bamboo sticks, paper,plastic bottles,string,sizes, cellotape, and lots of other things. We used lots of materials that some of us got from home.It was difficult to pick a toy because all of the toys looked so cool. But I picked the square paper spinner.

Then we got started I tried and tried to make the square paper spinner but it was too hard. So I decided to make another toy that is easy, I looked and looked for an easy toy. Finally I found it and the good thing about the coin centrifuge is that you only need a coin or a counter and a balloon.

I got started. I got a coin and a balloon  it was kind of hard to put the coin into the balloon so I looked for a little plastic coin. I found one in the counter jar. I put it in and it fit. I started to blow my balloon I tied the top so the air doesn’t come out, I did it really tight. Finally it was done I shaked it then I stopped and the coin inside was spinning really fast.

Overall I enjoyed making toys. Next time I will look for a easy toy to make. I will try to work faster. The bad thing about my balloon is that is popped.

If you would like to make this toy click here.



Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How To Make A Square Paper Spinner

How to make a square paper spinner
1. Get two papers that look like squares and are cadet in half.
2. Fold both of the papers evenly so that it can look like a long rectangle .
 3. Fold the top and the bottom when you fold it it will look like a triangle.
4. Place one on top of the other so that flat sides are not contact.
 5.Tuck all triangular flaps in their respective pockets .
6. Two make it a star shape .
 7. Make a loose hole in the center and insert a needle.
 8. Blow the star and it will spin very fast.

if you want you can draw a pitcher and stick the Square Paper Spinner on it and put it out side and when it is windy it can spin around.  

How to Subtraction in parts

Monday, 19 November 2012

My Toy Story Animation

My toy story Animation. My Animation  is about me playing with my favorite
toy,I like to play with my roller blades and my ipad.  

The Bully

 This story is about a girl named Rosie that was new to a school.The problem was that she was a bully she was beating people up and getting them in trouble. She is really mean Rosie was even beating people up who are bigger than her.  

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Retelling the story

This story is about a kid who using his imagination think of thing that he wanted to be but he couldn't decide because he had lot of different ides like a superhero, Santa claus, Football player,magischen,create player.But he had heaps of years ahead of him.

Friday, 9 November 2012

How many $10 Notes

 1 .Does Mrs Jones have enough money now: $167 for 13 students Yes she has enough. Leftover $7 2 .Does Mrs Jones have enough money now: $203 for 41 students no she doesn't Need 20 ten s. 3 .Does Mrs Jones have enough money now: $203 for 21 students no she doesn't Need 1 ten 4 .Does Mrs Jones have enough money now: $199 for 18 students yes she does Leftover $9 5 .Does Mrs Jones have enough money now: $167 for 17 students no she doesn't Need $1 ten

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Retelling The impossible bridge.

The Impossible.The Impossible Bridge is about a classroom that Decided to make a scale model of their town.They made lots of bridges to make the scal mold bigger.

The problem was that when the kids made the beam bridge it was not strong enough to put the cars on top of the bridge.It bent in the middle.Matt trid two strps of carbord but stle the bridge was not strong enough.

They found out that you can make a stronger birg using ice block sticks and  salad tap.They also learn that the truss bridge is stronger that a beam bridge and a arch bridge.The learnt lots of things about bridges. The bridges took a long time to make but they still had fun.

The carters in the story are Emma,Matt,Luke, Clements,Teacher name Mr Keith.