Tuesday, 21 February 2012


1. How many babies do mother cats have? mother cat have eight babes.

2. What is one thing kittens can not do when they are new borns? they can not see.

3. How do kittens find their mother milk? they can smell there mothers.

4. Why can’t kittens catch birds mice or lizards? they are too little to catch things.

5. How do kittens like to play?kittens like to play with strings .

6. How do cat keep clean?to keep themselves clean they lick themselves.

Friday, 17 February 2012


Duffy Theatre - Google Docs.
What the play about ? Duffy and Scruffy .
What was your favourit part of the play when Scruffy was casing after Marvell .
Who where your favouit characters Scruffy, Emmy, and Duffy.
What was the MESSAGE / KORERO in the play ? read helps as.

Healthy eating

Healthy food is fruit, vegges, lots of water, milk , yorgurt , biscuits, crackers, and cereal, but there is more than that . Healthy food is so tasty and good for you.

Why do we need to eat Healthy ? to make your teeth and your bones strong.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

My Holiday.

MY Holiday.
In the Holidays I want to Rainbows End with my family and one of my cousins Lisa .It was one sunny day my Dad drove the car. On Thursday it was so hot that we had to where sun hats and we had some sun cream to keep as safe. Finally it was time to go on the rides some of the rides where bumpy. We went on this thing that went up really slow and went down really fast, I was so scared. Now that was one scarey weekend.