Friday, 23 October 2015

Writing Self Assessment

Thank Goodness for Bees

Here is a presentation, this presentation is part of my reading work. Click play and learn more about bees.

The Day I lost my Hairbrush

“ Mum do you no where's my hairbrush!? ” I yelled across the room “no” she yelled back. I was so worried, it was class photos and I couldn't find my hairbrush. Searching under the bed, in my room, in the bathroom and in the toilet I couldn't find it any where.

10-15 minutes went by. By then I felt so stressed my heart started to beat really really fast BoomBoom!!, “ Your going look like a clown” “ You're going look like a clown” That was all that my mind was telling me, I didn't know where to look next.

Breath in breath out, I was trying my best to stay calm.Boom..... Boom... Boom my heart started to beat slower and slower. Sitting in my room I heard  a few knocks, Knock Knock  “come in ”I said, it was my sister Joelle “guess what she said with excitement “ what ” I replied back “ I found your hai........” she said “ found what found what ” I said hoping it was my hair brush “ YOUR HAIR BRUSH!!” she yelled, I was so so happy “thank you so so much Jojo”( Jojo is her nickname) I said to her.

I quickly got ready and rushed to school. after a while it was time for my class to go and take our photo. “say cheese” the photographer said “CHEESE!” my whole class yelled !!. A beam of light flashed into my eyes, The photo was done it turned out great I was worried for nothing.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Think-board Master

Immersion Assembly

It was the first day of term 4 and I was really looking forward to going back to school, I was so excited. When I arrived at school my mind wondering what our topic was going to be. SURVIVOR!!! I was so joyful when I found out our topic for this term.

Suddenly the bell rag, I ran to the street to get ready for Immersion assembly. Outwit,out smart and adaptation are some of the main things we are learning about. What does adapt mean? adapt means to change in way so that you can survive.

“Now it's time for Team 1 ” Mr Burt said at Immersion assembly. Team 1 performance/item was about zoo animals that adapt. They are so luck because later on this term they are going to the zoo, to find out more about the animals.There are a lot of animals that adap like camels, they adapt or change so that they can survive.

After a while it was time for team 5. I was so excited because I am team 5. Team 5 performance was about the people that live extreme environment  and still learn how to survive. I reckon this term is going to be awesome, I can't wait.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Think-board fraction

This is my Think-board fraction part of my math work for this term. The strategy I used for this was rounding to the nearest number.