Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Impossible Bridge

The kids made the bridge on the table to the art trolley.They use the ice block sticks to make triangle and with the triangle  they made a truss bridge.A truss bridge is a bridge that is really strong it's made buy triangles so that it can be strong.A Suspension bridge has cables suspended between.Did you know what is a Clementine  is a type of mandarin orange?

Friday, 19 October 2012

The Impossible Bridge

You make a beam bridge  using cupboard.
They put the toy car on top of the bridges.They put the toy car on top of the bridges.The problem was that the bridge they made was not strong enough.The Kids were making a smaller version of their town.

kevine Narrative Writing Practice

On a cold winter day they live two girls named Katie and Lisa. Lisa and Katie were best friend. They liked to have sleepovers at each others house there were really happy when they had sleep overs.

One day Katies mum told Lisa and Katie to go down to the shop to buy some chips and a drink. As they went down the road they came to a stop they had to cross the road to get to the shops .But Katie didn't know how to cross the road she asked Lisa if she new how to cross but she didn't know. likely Lisa had a good idea she said to Katie we should use the crossing like everyone else but as they were walking they started to shake they were scared but they had to give it a go.Lisa and Katie stayed there for a long time but they had to give it a go.

Lisa told Katie look right and she will look left to see if they were any cars coming.They so 3 car a blue one a red one and a green one. than they started to walk across the zebra crossing .Finally they got a cross the road and bought some chips and a drink.and they walked home to their mum .

Likely the came home in time because Katie's mum was getting worried Lisa and katie ran back home and they the chips and the drink and had a good time and they lived happily ever after.