Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Kevine Decimals

This is my decimals presentation part of my math work for this week.

Monday, 21 September 2015

How to create a Personal Logo

For the past few weeks in literacy we have been learning how to create a personal logo. If you would want to learn how to create a personal logo, if you would like to learn how to create your own logo click play.

You will learn a lot from this slide, like what you could use your logo for. I hope you enjoy this slide.

Designing A Personal Logo

Designing a logo has many steps, one of the first steps is to research.  See what good logos have and what they don't have. Remember A personal logo design is something that represents you. `

How and why it starts? It starts of by brainstorming.Brainstorming will make a personal logo a lot lot better,remember pick words and symbols that reflect on who you are as person that will make your logo more unique.

The next step was to create 4-5 different thumbnail concepts. Make sure your thumbnail concepts are different so that they stand out in different ways. Now that you have 4-5 thumbnail concepts pick your favourite two.

Now it's time to put your two favourite concepts on hyper-studio. Neatly trace out your concepts. Use lots of colour ,fonts and effects to make your logo better.

Finally you now have to pick your favourite, save it . You might want to find out different places or websites where you could use your personal logo, you could also put it on a t-shirt.

Overall I am Proud of how my logo turned out, I think it is very creative and I really enjoyed doing this task.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cross Country

‘‘ Up next is the year eight girls”I hear Mr Jacobson say. I was so pumped....well that was before my toes reached the starting line, my hands started to shake, my heartbeat started to get faster and faster .

‘‘On your marks’’ I breathe in from my nose and out  through my mouth ‘‘Get set”    “ GO”!  Mr Burt claps the woods together BANG!!, so I start running and suddenly my confidence grew. I began to run fast.

As I ran I heard people cheering, they pushed me to try harder. When I was running I went pass three people. I was so tired but I kept on going trying my best no matter what. By the time I was at the finish-line I was so so tired I could probably drink out of a hole swimming pool.

Overall I am so proud of myself and I still can't believe that I ran 3K and came 1st place out of all of the year 8 girls at Point England school.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


This is my algebra part of my math work. I find it a bit hard. please live me some feedback.