Friday, 29 June 2012



The thing that I think I  so well is that I have been finishing my work properly and doing it the right way

I think the thing that I did not do so well in reading is that I instead of finishing my work I talk to the people sitting next to me

next term I am going to improve me reading by not talking to my friend when I have to do my work


Fishing my work properly and not talking when I am doing math.
The thing that I think I did not do so well is that I have to finish it.  
To improve my work I need to finish it off properly.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Room 14 amazing trip

Guess what happened on wednesday the 13th of june? Room 14 and 17 had an awesome trip to Youthtown.The bus was very noisy because there were people singing very loud.

Before we went to the trip our class had to go to the school hall so we can get into our groups. I was in Miss Ouano’s group there were some other teams like Raves mum’s group  and Alazae’s dad and some other helpers from room 17.We had to wait for the bus to arrive, we looked at the bus coming towards us we could not wait. When the bus stop and opened I could not wait to get inside the bus. Finally we went inside the bus it was so hot that I had to take my jumper off.

Then we got there we had to go to this room to hear the instructions. Miss Garden said that room 17 were going swimming first so room 14 had to go to the clay room first .When we got in the clay room we had to site on the chair in our groups.We watched Hannah roll out the clay.The clay was soft and squishy the first thing we did is that we made a  square with carbide.

My square wasn't that cool so I had to fix it up then it got so cool and amazing that I could not believe my eye’s. We rolled out a long line and used the bamboo sticks to draw little lines on it.Than it was time to put weight clay so it can stick I made a cool design and in. The design I made a little harte it was awesome.

Finally it was time to have free time in the pool.Over all I had a very a very good time at Youth town I hope if you have a trip too.   

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Guess what happened on Wednesday? it was time to see the P.E.P.A. that stands for Point England Performing Arts.

I was so shy when it was lunch time because it was time to perform. Before we had to go on the stage we had to put makeup on and were some costumes. Some of the costumes were too big so they had to find some small ones. We had our heir in a bun. 

We were second and at performing so thats  why I was so shy. I got even shy when I got on the stage I got on the stage and started dancing it was not scary at all.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Art Reflection two

Art Reflection Two

Your Task: To paint your photo using the colours you have chosen. Use your final draft to help you figure out what four colours you need for your backgrounds.

1. How do you feel about the work you did? Why?I feel ok about this work because it is not so bad and it is not so good.

2. What do you feel that you did well? The thing that made me proud of my work was that I put the colours in the right place.

3. What do you feel you did not so well? Why? The thing that I thing I did wrong is that I nearly colored the face wrong.  

4. What would you do differently next time? Why? I will try to make everything right

Give yourself a rating out of 7/10

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Reflection

Art Reflection One

Your Task: To complete a draft for our Pop Art. You must make sure you count all the colours you need and plan what colours you are going to invert before you colour. We need to make a draft so that we know exactly what colours we use when we start our screen printing.

How do you feel about the work you did?

I felt so happy and proud that I finished my work.

What did you do Good?

I did everything well.

What did you do Bad?

I think that I nothing Wong but I token a long time to do it .

What would you do differently next time?

Next time I will do it faster than I did before.

Give yourself a rating out of I well give my safe 9/10