Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


What is Matariki ? well Matariki is a maori tradition that they do every year from a late may to the beginning of june. Matariki is made out of 500 star but out of 500 stars we can only see seven .The only way to see all the 500 stars is too use a telescope.

The ancestors of maori used matariki ( they also used different star and nature sigh )navigating the pacific oceans of aotearoa new zealand . In the middle of  winter people work together to look for the hidden stars. But I believe that someday a bunch of people might find them.

Matariki is also known as the seven sisters appearance in maori new year.Anyways I wonder what are the names of the seven sisters Witi Waiti,Tupu-a-nuku,Tupu-a-rangi,Waipuna-a-rangi,Ururangi,Matariki.
Matariki is a maori name for the group of stars,The stars are also known as pleiades. Did you know that you can see the matariki stars all around the world.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Girl Who Couldn't Wait For Her Birthday

once upon a time there was a little girl named sally she was so excited because her birthday was coming up. She couldn't wait so she told all the kid at her school.When she finished telling everyone she told her best friend Emma.So they met every day after school making cards and decorations.

As the days went by the more she got excited.One day all the parents and the kids who she invited to the party went to sally’s house for a meting.As they where having a meting Sally and Emma where at the movies with there aunties. The kids and the parents had an idea,so they taxed Emma and Sally’s aunties and rote the plan in text.

The next morning it was sally’s birthday she was so happy.That she woke up early and said (muum) yes Sally her mother replied it is a very special day today isn't it yes it is said her mother,Do you know what day it is said Sally,yes her mum replied it is Monday, ooh said Sally with a very depressed face.So she got ready for school. when she was eating breakfast she whispered quietly to herself maybe all the kid’s at my school remembered my birthday.

When she got to school no one said happy birthday to her.And in classes her best friend was away.So she had no one to play with she just sat there looking at all the other kids play.Whale a tier was dripping down her face slowly.At the end of the day she noticed that every body has left but what she dint know was that every one was going to her house.

When she got home she went into her room and started to cry.Sally Sally she heard her mum calling her to came to eat a little after school snack (coming mum she said I’ll be there in a minute).so she whipped her terse and run down stares mum where are you she said I'm in the living room she said.So sally went in the living room.

Surprise everybody jumped out of there hiding spots.She was so happy she so her best friend Emma and she so that she was sick with chicken pops. Sally was so glad to see Emma that she gave her one of her birthday present. And they spent the hole day having a good time celebrating Sally’s birthday.    

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mr Marks long Greenery

Once a long long time ago they was a teacher named Mr Marks. School was finished and it was time for the holidays.So he decided to go out to antarctica to investigate.

He flew in helicopter and it talk about 12 hours to get there.When he got there the first thing he did was sit up his tent. It talk a long time for Mr Maks to set up his camp site.When he finished he went for a little walk he didn't take long.

The next day he decided to go for a swim he had a dry suit instead of a wet suit.He jumped in the water and (splash) the water went loudy.He swam all around then he saw a killer whale so he swam as fast like dolfan.and the killer whale didn't get him.

So he diseted to never ever go to antarcta aging.So he whent backe to new zealand and never whent backe.So for his holiday next year he diseted to go to the USA.