Tuesday, 18 December 2012

2012 Learning Reflection

This year I think that I did well in math because I most of the times i figured out the strategy questions.The subject that I didn't feel so confident was Reading because it was so tough to finish it and post it on my blog but sometimes managed to finish it.I think that I managed my time wisely this year because some times every week I get the cans to to go on free time.

I think I did really well because most of the times I went on free year I will try to improve my reading so on day I can teach kids how to read.I give my self 9 out of ten this year.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Before I had a netbook I found learning really boring. It made me don't want go to school.The frustrating thing about not have a netbook is that your hands get tired of writing and sometimes your pencil brakes and you have to sharpen it. Sometimes I even get paper cut.   

Now that I have a netbook It makes learning really fun and it makes me want to finish my work. Another good thing about having a netbook is that you can go on learning program such as math whizz, studyladder, xtra math, and lots more.

The frustrating thing about having a netbook is when it freezes and when your internet doesn't work. I just hate it when we have to get our netbook reimaged. Sometimes some websites don't work.

But anyway it is so cool to have a netbook. Do you have a netbook?  

Disco Time

On a Thursday night the year five,six,seven,and eight were invited to a disco not a ordinary disco it was a blue light disco. If they wanted to go. The good thing about it is that it only cost five dollars to get in and to get a drink and a sausage sizzle.The disco stared at six o'clock and finishes at eight.

After school I went home to see what I'm going to war I wanted to war my skin jeans but then realized it is going to be hot at the disco so I picked out some shorts that are black and white and a green T-shirt. I put it on my bed and went in the shower I had a cold shower because it will be really hot at the disco.When I finished I looked at the clock and it was five fifty five so I quickly  got chang and got my ticket I said by to my mum and run down the road. I was nelly late.I gave the ticket to Mrs Burt than went in the hall it looked great but also dark.

I so my friends waving at me so I run to them than I hard song come on it was loud we started to dance and Miss Talea said that we are good dancers.When I was dancing a man came to me and Lizara and gave us a lolly it was so tasty.I heard another song on and It was gandom style that my favorite song it was cool dancing to that song. It was lots of excitement happening on one day. Than it was time for the cat dougie competition my friend Rebekah made it in we watched her she looked shy so we started to cher for ‘GO REBEKAH’ Dj said so loudly.The good thing about that competition was that my friend Rebekah won the comp we all were so proud.

Finally it was time for the year five and six limbo I went in the line then it was my turn I made it I was so happy. It was a long line and it was a hard choices to pick a winner so none of us won.After that we went outside to get our drink and our sausage sizzle when got one we went to set down.The song hall of fame came on so we went in a circle than me and Dj went in the middle and did the dougie.After a couple of songs it was the dancing comp the good thing about the dancing comp was that if you made it in you had to vers the adults some people made it in but I didn't.

We had one last song than it was time to go home when I went out the door it looked like morning because I have been in the dark hall for long.But anyway I liked going to the disco it was fun I can't wait till next years disco.

The Number Lines

Ten Waka For Crhismas

This story is about two kids named Jemma and toby they tried to make paper boats. When they made their paper boat Jemma had a problem her problem was that her boat was soggy and it kept tipping over when she pasted it in the bath. Toby had an idea he thought to himself  that they could make a bout. Toby went to gorp some flacs from the basch.
Jemma and Toby started to make the waka. Instead of calling boat  they decided to call it double waka because there are to waka that are conned to gether and that is y it is called a double waka.