Friday, 30 March 2012

Going to Camp

On Wednesday guess what? It was the year five and six camp and I was so happy that camp started . 

Guess what our group did first? We had to go to Mr Sommerville's class to get changed in our swimming togs to get to ready to go kayaking at Pt England school reserve. When we got there we had to wear a life jacket and Mr Burt told us what to do. Finally it was my turn to go in the kayak. I nearly bumped into the rock but I did not.

When the year 5 and 6 finished watching a movie, we had to go to sleep in our tent. The wind was blowing through the trees. It was a cold night, we had to get into our tents and wait for the teacher to close the zip. I heard scary noises and I also heard the strange noises. I was sleeping with two girls, Emma and Gloria but they were fast asleep .It got wet, I was afraid and shivering. Then I was bored and tired so I fell fast asleep.

Overall I really enjoyed all of the activities and the fun places we went to. Kayaking was my favourite activity. I will really miss sleeping in the tent and hearing the strange noses.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Blindfold Experience

Guess what room 14 did on Monday?After morning tea we went to the hall for a Blindfold Experience .

Before we went we had to get in two groups and Lizara was my partner. When we got there Miss Ouano told us what to do first Lizara and I had to watched the kids show us. 

Finally it was our turn Lizare tied the blindfold around me so I couldn't see, she was telling me what to do because I couldn't see. She was teling me to go and left and right and also she was telling me to jump. I was scared I was going to fall but I didn't it was scary when I was climbing up the steps. 

When I got in the middle of the stage I had to jump it was so scary when I jumped, then it was my turn to take Lizara. 

Friday, 2 March 2012

Great Things Take Time

Did you know that it took J.K Rowling more than 5 years to write one whole book?

When I grow up I would like to be a good writer like J.K Rowling but it will take a lot of practise to be a great writer like her.I hope I will be a good writer like her.

To be a great writer I need to put full stops and capital letters in the right place and check my work. When I grow up I want to write well so I can go to university.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Vision Board 2012

My vision board.
1.Sports: I want to play netball.
2.School: I want to listen to the teacher.
3.Friends: I want to be a better friend this year.
4.Maths: I want to learn my division better.
5.Healthy: body: I want to have more healthy food.
6.Writing: I want to use my rubber less.
7.Reading: I want to do better at reading.
8.Family: I want to listen to my mum and dad.

Ice cream .
LoL :) :).
Lolly pop.