Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Goldilocks and the 3 bears

Once upon a time there was a family of bears, in that family there is a mother bear,father bear and a baby bear. One day mother bear made some pudding but the pudding was way too hot so they decided to go  to beavers house to see the new born baby.As they left a little girl named goldilocks saw baby bears cottage what a ugly cottage the bears have but she couldn't mind have a little peek.So she walked over to the cottage.She slowly opened the door in she went and ate up all there pudding,broke baby bears chari and fell asleep on baby bears bed.Then the 3 bears came back they saw that someone has ate up there pudding and saw that some had broke baby bears chair. But in the end baby bear and goldilocks became best friends.

The morale of the story is to forgive people for what they do and to be a good friend.It is also to not enter other peoples homes when there not there.To respect other peoples stuff and property.

This story relates to my life because it tells me to not touch other peoples stuff.It also tells me not to loge into other peoples netbook when there not there.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Corss Country Fun Run

During a hot sunny day Point england school had a cross country fun run.We had our cross country fun run on Thursday the 22nd of August.The cool thing about the fun run is that if you came 1st 2nd or 3rd you get to go to the inter zone to compete other schools.

The first kids to have there race the five year old boys “On your marks, get set, GO” said Mr Burt as the boys ran. After a while it was time for the 10 year old boys I saw them all running as fast as their legs  could go.”Now its time for the 10 year old girls” I hear Mr Burt say. So all the ten year old girls walk up to the line.

When we got to the line my hands started to shake and my heart was beating really fast “On your marks, get set, GO” said Mr Burt as we all run when I was coming 3rd. But then I went past this girl named Iron I couldn't go past Elizabeth she was too fast.But in the end I ended up coming 2nd. As I went past the finish line I heard people cheering,I was so proud of myself.  

The moral of this true story
is to never give and keep trying
even if you come last People will
still be proud of you for completing the race.  

Friday, 2 August 2013

The ugly duckling

Once upon a time on a old farm they lived a family of ducklings. In that family there was a mother duck and her seven baby eggs.

One afternoon when mother duck was sitting on a clutch of eggs.  The eggs started to slowly hatch one after another, after all the eggs had hatched she noticed one more egg in the nest. That last egg looked different to all the other eggs it was much bigger and had a darker grey colour. After a while the other egg hatched the duckling looked very different to his brothers and his mother instead of having yellow feathers he had grey feathers.

As he grew the more he got angry at his brothers for bullying him because he was different. So one day he decided to run away to look for his real family. Along the way he saw a group of ducks and asked if  they were his family but they just mocked him so he walked away. As he was walking a old lady picked him up and talk him to her farm. The old lady was hoping it was a female so it could lay eggs but it didn't. So the old lady stuffed him with food so she can eat him. But the ugly duckling run away.

The poor ugly duckling fell asleep in the way and a farmer found him.The farmer talk the duck too his kids so that they could look after him.A few years later the farmer decided to let him go. As soon as the poor duckling was out the door he started walking on his own.     

When he was walking he saw a pond so he went to drink some water and he saw a reflection of himself in the water and he had never looked so beautiful. As he kept walking he saw  a group of ducks and they all looked a bit similar him and to each other. The duck wondered could this be my real family and it was. So the ugly duckling found what he was looking for and realised that he was a swan and lived happily ever after.