Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Strange Whisper

 One rainy night a boy named John woke up in the middle of the night and walked downstairs into the kitchen to get some milk out of the fridge. But the milk was finished so he put his raincoat on and his gumboots and walked in the muddy grass to the shed to milk the cows. He thought that the cows would be asleep so his mother wouldn't find out that he was out at night all by himself because he was only 6 years old .
As John need two more steep until he was in the shed he heard a Whisper so he talk a couple of steps back and listened. The strange thing was that nobody was there but the cows, could the cows be whispering to each other nahh John said to himself  so he looked through the window, and yes the cows were talking to each other.

One cow looked out the window it had a red eye with a little shine in it. When the red eye looked at John he fell of the bucket and heard the cow say moo. So little john ran because he was so so afraid. he was running so fast it was about 5 seconds when he was in his bedroom and covered himself with his blanket. 20 minutes later he fell a sleep.

In the morning when his mum Sally was making breakfast he jumped out of his bed and said mum mum the cows can talk, no sweetie pie said his mother the cows can’t talk you might of had a jrem that they can talk, but mum I heard a whisper and no one was there no John you just had a bad jrem repealed his mother.

In the afternoon when John was getting some veggies. He saw some cows.some of the cows still had red eyes he looked at the cows red eyes 1 second later it changed back to brown. One seconde seem very short but for John it seemed like a lot.

The very next night he heard the same moo as before so he walked to the shed. To be continued...