Friday, 9 March 2012

Blindfold Experience

Guess what room 14 did on Monday?After morning tea we went to the hall for a Blindfold Experience .

Before we went we had to get in two groups and Lizara was my partner. When we got there Miss Ouano told us what to do first Lizara and I had to watched the kids show us. 

Finally it was our turn Lizare tied the blindfold around me so I couldn't see, she was telling me what to do because I couldn't see. She was teling me to go and left and right and also she was telling me to jump. I was scared I was going to fall but I didn't it was scary when I was climbing up the steps. 

When I got in the middle of the stage I had to jump it was so scary when I jumped, then it was my turn to take Lizara. 

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