Friday, 24 August 2012

Running Cross Country:0

On friday the seventeenth of August Point England school had  their cross country. It was cold in the morning but then it started to get hot in the afternoon. When it was lunchtime we went to line up by room 18 to get ready to go to the reserve .When we got there Mr Brut and Miss Garden walked us to the reserve.

When mr burt used the clapper and said go I rain fast and I was coming first. Then this girl went past me and then we started have a tie. It was muddy and wet and yucky the mud smelt like poo. I slipped in the muddy puddle, we did not know where to go.

I wasn’t that happy because I came second out of the nine year old girls
but at least I wasn't the last person. Then I saw my friends at the finish line and they were tired just like me. I like cross country some times.           

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