Friday, 6 September 2013

The Alians visit / Nartive

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Isabella. She loved to go shopping at the mall with her best friends Emma,Anna and Lucy. Isabella also liked to read books.

One day after school she decided to go to the mall with her friends. But she had to ask her mum Kelly,but her mum didn't trust her friends so she said no. So Isabella run to her room crying then her cell phone started to ring it was her friends telling her to go to the mall i'm not aloud she said but her friends said just came. So Isabella puted some pillows under her balkent a sneaked out the window.

She walked to the mall all by herself. As she was walking she heard this strange sound on top of her so she looked up and saw a weird looking spaceship coming towards her.So she hid behind a big tree. As the space ship hit the ground she saw tiny little green people walking thru the door they were aliens trying to take over the universe. She tried to call her friends and tell them the news but her phone was flat.

She tried so hard to save earth but the aliens had too much technology. As the anilines were taking over the world isabelle thought,she wanted to talk to the alans leader. So Isabella and the alien queen had a little talk and the aliens left earth to go to mars. But what everyone else didn’t know was Isabelle saved the world  just by telling the queen to go to a different planet in the solar system.    

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