Thursday, 5 November 2015

Touch Tournament

“ Quick play” quick play” I heard Tyson (Tyson our coach )shouting on the sideline. It was our first game at the Tamaki cluster touch tournament at Dunkirk . Playing against Tamaki Primary B wasn't so hard we won 4 - 0 to us.

After our break we played Stone field. They were also easy we won 6 - 0 to us. “Were undefeatable” said Taunese “ hahaha don't get too cocky” I replied.

Feeling satisfaction as the results of last game was amazing,Tyson kept on saying “ don't get too proud, the next game is going to be even harder”

He was right it was a lot harder then the other games. We had to play the ball even faster and get back 5 meters quicker.Huffing and puffing after my try I was so puffed out, I needed water, at that time I could of probably drunk a whole swimming pool. “PRRIINNGGG!” the hooter for full time rang.
Our next game was against Glen Taylor School. Glen Taylor was probably the hardest team we played. They had some fast boys and girls. Although it was a tough game we still won  2 -0 and were going into the finals.

We practised for a while, but soon later it was time for the year seven and eight mixed team. I was so tired so I asked if I could go on sub. “ Go Taunese!” I yelled as she was getting a runaway.

We played our very best and won 4 - 0. I was so so joyful at that stage. I can’t believe that we came 1st out of all the schools in the Tamiki cluster.

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