Friday, 28 September 2012

kevine Narrative practice

Once Upon a time they lived 3 little girls named Kelly, Lisa and Kaitlyn. They were sisters,Kaitlyn was eight,Lisa was ten and kelly was six there were sister and had a big house with seven bedrooms.

One day it was a hot sunny day and they asked their mum Emma if they could go down to the point England reserve for a little swim.They got changed into their togs and started walking down the road.When Kelly, Lisa and kaitlyn got there they so their friends from their school Lisa said hi liz.Lisa said to her young sister before we go for a swim we have to put on some sunblock then make a huge sand carousel.Befor it was time to go for a swim Lisa's stomach started to rumble than Kellys stomach rumble louder so did Kaitlyn it sound like her stomach was say “Give me some FOOD”.

They got scared so Lisa told Kaitlyn to go to the shop to buy fish and chips and some KfC with a drink when she came back everybody on the beach was attacked by aliens trying to take over the universe she dropped the food by accident she knew that the evil aliens were trying to take over the universe with their magical powers.This boy started to talk when everyone else was scared and quiet then one of the aliens used one of his magical powers on the boy named max he turned into dust then the wind just blow the dust away that was scary lisa said but the aliens heard her so they said “I WILL DESTROY  YOU HUMANS”.

But ratie before the aliens killed everyone on the beach a big giant came to the rexque at the reserve  just in time . Everybody started to look at the giant then the aliens said to the giant named B.J Stand back or else everyone on this beach is going to be a slave on our home planet mars oh no said k.Likely the giant had a plan B.Js plan was to stand back and then distract the aliens by making funny face to the kids they started laughing and the alyans started to say “Stop laughing and that was the giants plan he stated to do the plan then he made a move on he started to use his lasered eyes on their ship so that they could lose control of the ship no one knew that he had lasered eyes.

The aliens flied back to mars everybody was happy that the evil aliens were gone kids and adult were jumping up and down with there hands in the sky.We'll get you next time the aliens said as they were flying back to mars as well as laughing as they go.People Tried to lift the giant up but he was just too big and heavy to but everyone on the beach was happy that the giant saved them so they had a big party at the reserve  .Some people went home to bring their radios to play music.Mum went down to the beach to pick them up and everyone live happily ever after. For a while in until the aliens were back in two years!


Emmy said...

Hi Kevine

Keep up the good wrok by Emmy.

Nikki said...

Hi kevine I love you writing it is so good I think you sholud be a writer when you grow up.Eny way keep up the good work.

By nikki.

Nikki said...

Hi Kevine

I like you story about 3 girls it is very cool I think you should be a writer when you grow your very good but anyway keep up the good work. By Nikki

Taka said...

Hi Kevine

I like you story about 3 girls it is very cool I think you should be a writer when you grow your very good but anyway keep up the good work .

By Taka

Rebekah said...

wow kevine this is so cool to read and write! keep up the good work!

Deserae said...

WOW Kevine i like your story about 3 girls anyway keep up the good work I hope to see more from you.

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