Friday, 14 September 2012

Room 14's maths experience

This week room 14 and I had a class experience with play dough after music and ICT. We washed our hands and then we dried it then Miss Ouano gave as some play dough.

Guess what happened this week? We had another exciting experience.Each group was given a piece of play dough then we made squares. After that me and Emmy made squares than Miss Ouano gave as some bamboo sticks.Miss Ouano told as to cut halves in 3 different ways Emmy and I cut it diagonally, and I cut it across and up.

Last week, we had another cool experience for our whole class.We had to get into groups and me and Emmy were in the same group again.The first thing that we had to do is to make five eels with play dough. Miss Ouano handed out the bamboo sticks so that we can use it to cut the play dough in equal parts.      

When Emmy and I were finished we sat up and waited for next instructions.Finally everybody was finished. After that Miss Ouano said to go on our netbooks and make a google drawing about our work we had to post on our blog.

Overall, I liked having a class experience with my group it was fun and cool because I got to learn new stuff and so did my group.I hope one day we have another cool experience.  


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