Friday, 19 April 2013

Fia Fia Night

Did you like the Fia Fia night ? well I did. My favorite dance was the barkerville.The thing that I liked about the Barkerville was the cool beats they were making I also enjoyed how they broke the car but it could still work that was awesome.

When it was our turn I heard someone say now it is time for one of the senior hip hop dances Our group went on the stage I looked at the crowd and there were like 5,000 peoples.When the music started I was so confident I didn't feel nervous at all.The last group to go on the stage was the cook island. Fia Fia was great.    

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Dorothy said...

Hi Kevine

Wow, posting already! Good job :) I loved the Fiafia too. I thought your item was super. You all did so well to perform confidently in front of such a huge audience.

Mrs Burt

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